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Portugueses Primeiro denuncia internacionalmente nova legislação de estrangeiros

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Tal como foi noticiado, no passado dia 13 de Outubro estivemos na delegação de Lisboa do SEF reunidos com o seu director regional, a quem comunicámos a nossa solidariedade e preocupação, tendo posteriormente sido realizada uma manifestação de rua simbólica para mostrar o nosso descontentamento face à actual lei.

Dado a manifesta tentativa de silenciamento por parte da comunicação social face a este gravíssimo problema, virámo-nos para o exterior, e iniciámos já um conjunto de contactos com diversas organizações europeias, desde partidos políticos a associações civis, passando por órgãos de comunicação social, por forma a alertar para os riscos que esta nova lei acarretam, não só para Portugal como para toda a Europa.

O nosso objectivo é claro: fazer com que seja a Europa a travar a loucura, a utopia, o fanatismo e o extremismo do nosso governo. E acreditamos que vamos conseguir.

Reproduzimos em seguida o texto que estamos a enviar às organizações europeias.

Last July the Portuguese parliament approved some major changes to our Immigration Law.
Along with the changes focused on removing some barriers to the foreigners who were born in Portugal and wish to obtain the Portuguese nationality, despite their parents not being Portuguese, the Immigration law allows now any foreigner to get residence permit just by showing a “promise of work”. No matter if such “promise” is real or not or if the immigrant will have a job or not, such “promise” is the only application required! Also, another appalling point: even if a foreigner has a criminal record he is free to enter and to live in Portugal – and he can not be expelled!

Unfortunately the bad news do not end here. Our Service of Foreigners and Customs, the responsible entity to control the flux of immigration, issued a formal position about this law, opposing to it, because the risks it involves to our country’s security. The Portuguese government, a socialist executive supported by the Communist Party and a Trotskyst Party, decided to silence this entity and fired its National Chairman on October 4th. Result: according to recent official statistics, thousands have asked for entrance in these last 3 months and our Service of Foreigners and Customs, lacking of human resources, have no way of filtering these requests!

This could be just a Portuguese problem if all our borders were closed, but they are not. This law transformed Portugal in Europe’s Trojan Horse, and soon it will affect all Europe, worsening the already serious situation concerning uncontrolled immigration and terrorism.

On October 13th representatives of our association visited this Service and had a meeting with the Regional Chairman. Also, we made a street demonstration in order to showing our discontent.

Unfortunately Portuguese mainstream media opted to remain in silence. As so and considering this is a serious issue for all Europe, we ask you to spread this data and force your own country to make pressure on our government. By doing that you will not only help Portuguese people, but you will help whole Europe. Europe cannot be some kind of Noah’s Ark. Europe must reject this suicidal population replacement issued by liberals and marxists.

Trully Yours,
The Portuguese People First Association President,
Rui Amiguinho